Country music truly delivered quality music videos in 2017 — the 17 best are a mix of emotion, heartfelt moments and downright hilarity.

Quirky videos from Miranda Lambert, Brett Eldredge and Rascal Flatts all make our year-end list, as do newcomers like Midland and Lanco. Brad Paisley appears twice on this list with "Last Time for Everything" and "Selfie #theinternetisforever." He's the king of the country music video, and these are two of the year's funniest.

The adorable video for Blake Shelton's "I'll Name the Dogs" had to be included, along with Shania Twain's grand return to country music with the vibrant "Life's About to Get Good" and action-packed videos from Thomas Rhett and Brothers Osborne. In addition to the humorous and light-hearted features, there are several music videos that made us cry in 2017. Find videos from legends Alan Jackson and Glen Campbell in the top 10.

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    "We Should Be Friends"

    Miranda Lambert

    Miranda Lambert always delivers unique music videos with eccentric characters, and “We Should Be Friends” follows this formula. It works! She visits the wackiest, yet coolest salon ever in a sassy clip that shows Miller Lite cans being used as hair rollers, impromptu dance parties and plenty of sweet tea to go around. The light-hearted video is lively, vibrant and bound to make you chuckle.

  • 16

    "Greatest Love Story"


    Lanco went sweet and simple for the music video for their breakout single, "Greatest Love Story." The charming feature is your classic tale about high school sweethearts, following a young couple from when they were kids to the ultimate joyful ending, where they marry and live happily ever after. It may be a concept that we’ve seen before, but it works like a charm and tugs at the heartstrings.

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    "Drinkin' Problem"


    Midland made a splash on the country music scene with “Drinkin’ Problem,” and the video is a kickback just like the song. The trio goes classic and simple in the clip, but add a bit of flair with their signature western attire, old-fashioned cars and scenes of the wide-open road.

  • 14

    "Something' I'm Good At"

    Brett Eldredge

    Brett Eldredge is a ham, and he displays his silly side in full force in the video for “Somethin’ I’m Good At.” The crooner humorously causes mayhem all over the neighborhood, from accidentally sending letters flying after knocking over the mailman to setting his trashcan on fire. The outlandish video proves that Eldredge is in fact good at something: knowing how to make us laugh right along with him.

  • 13

    "Life's About to Get Good"

    Shania Twain

    Shania Twain made her big return to country radio with “Life’s About to Get Good," and the matching music video is just as lively as the song. The beautiful beach setting, quirky characters and classic throwbacks to some of her famous costumes (we're looking at you "Man! I Feel Like a Woman" ) all come together in this spirited video that just makes you feel joyful.

  • 12

    "Last Time for Everything"

    Brad Paisley

    Brad Paisley has a knack for creating music videos unlike any other in country music. He plants multiple easter eggs throughout the video for “Last Time for Everything,” including clips from vintage TV commercials, '80s proms and subtle references to everything from Ghostbusters to Stranger Things. The clever scenes, plus a cameo by David Hasselhoff, masterfully weave Paisley’s unique sense of humor into the playful video that was a standout in 2017.

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    "Speak to a Girl"

    Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

    If it wasn't hot in here before, it is now. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill thrilled fans with the passion-filled video for “Speak to a Girl.” The song with a humble message is supported by a video that packs in plenty of romance and steamy moments. The video exemplifies what the power couple does best: singing their hearts out while putting their love for one another on full display.

  • 10


    Danielle Bradbery

    “Sway” is easily one of the coolest videos (and songs) of the year. Danielle Bradbery stretches her talents, creating a stellar earworm track that’s as infectious as it gets. The video is just as fresh, with Bradbery and a team of free-spirited, fun-loving people dancing their way through life. It just makes you want to sway right along with them!

  • 9

    "The Older I Get"

    Alan Jackson

    Always one to bring poignancy and emotion to his music, Jackson’s “The Older I Get” is built on nostalgia. The legendary country star takes fans on a journey through his life, sharing intimate photos and videos of his family and special moments from his iconic career. The visuals of the touching memories he’s experiences along the way, backed by the song's heartfelt lyrics, make for a sweet sentimental clip that impacted fans in a meaningful way this year.

  • 8

    "Selfie #Theinternetisforever"

    Brad Paisley

    Brad Paisley is just stating the facts here ... in the most hilarious way possible. For "Selfie #Theinternetisforever" Paisley called upon selfie enthusiasts everywhere to contribute their most embarrassing moments, showcasing a handful of failures like someone posing with their deceased grandmother in her casket (true story), naked handstands and even someone with their pants down at a urinal. Clever as always, Paisley’s video is definitely a good pick-me-up when you’re in need of a hearty laugh.

  • 7


    Kelsea Ballerini

    Kelsea Ballerini’s took "Legends" to new heights with an emotional music video that draws you into the precious love story of a couple head over heels for one another. We follow them through the precious little moments of their relationship to the birthday celebration with their young son to the tragic ending that we won’t spoil for you (although, it’s a good idea to have tissues on hand). The heartbreaking storyline, coupled with the gorgeous shots of Ballerini on an oceanfront cliffside, creates a moving picture that is perhaps her best video yet.

  • 6

    "Yours If You Want It"

    Rascal Flatts

    It’s obvious Rascal Flatts had a blast making the “Yours If You Want It” video, and it’s just as entertaining for the viewers at home. Watching the light-hearted, crazy love story unfold between Kevin Farley and diner waitress Kristy Swanson, only to discover it was all in Farley’s head as he daydreams at the truck stop eatery, is fun enough as it is, but add in the image of the country trio dressed in cheesy diner uniforms, flipping burgers and playing air guitar with a mop makes the video even funnier and engaging.

  • 5

    "I'll Name the Dogs"

    Blake Shelton

    Blake Shelton delivered one of the sweetest videos of the year with “I’ll Name the Dogs.” The endearing premise that follows a couple on their wedding day, surrounded by loved ones — including a cameo by Gwen Stefani’s adorable sons — will melt even the coldest of hearts. The song returns Shelton to his traditional country roots and the video’s precious story is one for the books in his catalog.

  • 4

    "All Around You"

    Sturgill Simpson

    Sturgill Simpson is one of country music’s dark horses, and the video for “All Around You” is both intriguing and powerful. The animated clip follows a young boy dressed in a superhero cape as he travels across the world and finds examples of love along the way. The beautifully cinematic piece proves that love always trumps hate and is just as inspiring as the lyrics.

  • 3

    "It Ain't My Fault"

    Brothers Osborne

    Brothers Osborne know how to bring a good time. “It Ain’t My Fault" finds criminals are on the loose, disguised as Barack Obama, Ronald Regan, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. The masks alone make the video, but the guys combine humor and action to create this one-of-a-kind feature that was one of the coolest videos in country music this year.

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    "Craving You"

    Thomas Rhett ft. Maren Morris

    Thomas Rhett went all out for his "Craving You" video, and he's not even the star. More like a feature film than it is a music video, Rhett and Maren Morris are a fearless twosome in this grand video that's filled with enthralling action scenes. Rhett’s ambitious cinematic approach to the infectious song makes for one of the strongest and most memorable music videos country music produced in 2017. Morris? She's just a badass.

  • 1


    Glen Campbell

    As if listening to Glen Campbell’s last-released song ever isn’t emotional enough, the video will break you. The unique concept takes Campbell’s famous guitar on a cross-country journey as Campbell’s family members hand it off to one another from coast to coast. The video pays homage to the late country star, intertwined with images of Campbell in the early days of his career that is sure to make fans feel nostalgic, and okay, sad. The ending — Campbell’s grandson performs a Vikings funeral on his guitar — is bound to bring tears to your eyes. It's the ultimate message of respect for such an influential figure in country music.

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