Imagine a quick stop at a Road Ranger and grabbing a lottery ticket for the road. We all have done it. A Belvidere woman did it last week and won $400,000. Her name is Karen Bos. She says she buys a Lucky Day Lotto ticket every time she gets gas, which is about twice a week. Finally she matched all five numbers in the Wednesday, May 28 Lucky Day Lotto midday drawing and won $400,000 dollars.

After double checking the numbers on, she couldn't believe she had a winning ticket in her hand.

Karen Bos and her husband Jim will be responsible and put the money in the bank until she needs it.

As far as the reward for Road Ranger on Belvidere Road, which sold the winning ticket, they will cash a cool $4,000 bonus check from the Illinois Lottery.

As you know you can't win unless you play. So I will be stopping on my way home today. I wish you luck, and congratulations to the Bos family. PS...Are you adopting?