Beware of ticket resellers selling tickets to President Obama's farewell speech in Chicago on Tuesday night.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) released an urgent warning on Monday warning people not to purchase tickets from ticket resellers for this history making speech.

Tickets were handed out for free, first come, first served last week. All the tickets were snapped up within hours for Tuesday night's address at Chicago's McCormick Place.

Unscrupulous sellers are trying to make a buck off of something they got for free. Worse, yet, there is no way to verify that the tickets are even genuine.

Again, keep in mind these were free tickets. BBB president Steve Barnas said:

If you buy tickets to see Barack Obama’s farewell address Tuesday evening in Chicago, you may be saying farewell to your hard earned money instead of the president.

Bernas warns consumers against buying these tickets. He says

There’s no way to verify these tickets, and unquestionably people are going to be showing up and being turned away because of scam tickets.

If you come across anyone selling tickets you are urged to report the seller to the BBB's Scamtracker


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