An Auburn High School student's fun and inventive promposal left us with so many questions that we need answered.

This Instagram picture is like reading the last page of a book or walking in on a movie with only five minutes left to go.

There are so many things that happened before this picture taken and we just need to know the answers.

  • Did Connor do all the things on the "to do list?
  • Is Connor displaying the stolen Boylan flags in his home?
  • What are these "frowned upon" activities?
  • Why was "sneak into the Boylan's Sadies" crossed off the list?
  • Why didn't he rewrite the list if Sadies didn't happen?
  • Who agreed on the list?
  • Why isn't Connor smiling?
  • Was there a specific girl from Boylan, or was he only hoping to take Meghan?
  • Did Connor receive the flowers after he asked?
  • Where did Connor get that 815 sweatshirt?

Jokes aside, the photo posted on Instagram by meghan_mcgarry of her and her prom date, Connor is really sweet. We hope they have a great time at Auburn's prom.

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