One of the many reasons why COVID-19 has been so scary to some is the lack of information out there on it. Every cough or sneeze and people start replaying every place they've been the last two weeks. Apple is trying to put your mind at ease.

Over the weekend, an update on all iPhones helps users identify the symptoms of the COVID-19 virus. Simply ask Siri, "Do I have Coronavirus?" and it will prompt her to ask a series of questions.

After trying it myself, it really only asked two questions. Do you have any of the following: fever, dry cough, or trouble breathing? Have you been in close contact with someone who tested positive for coronavirus? After answering "no" to both questions it recommends staying home, washing hands, avoiding people, and reminds you that even if you don't feel sick you could still have it.

It provides some additional materials that you can click on that redirects you to the internet to help answer other questions.

Truthfully, if we all just continue to practice social distancing, make sure to wash our hands, and monitor ourselves for these symptoms, we can really help to stop the virus from spreading. As the CDC has said, don't treat it as avoiding the virus, treat it as you already have it and avoid people. That to me is the best advice to follow.

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