This winter we've had a couple of rough months in a row. First, we had lots of snow, Then it was sub-zero temperatures and yesterday we got hit with an ice storm. Well, it looks like we're not done yet. It seems more freezing rain and ice is headed our way this evening. According to WIFR, it looks like from around 10 pm tonight to around 8 am the chance will increase for precipitation and we're expecting more freezing rain and icy conditions. After 8 am Thursday it looks like it will mainly be just rain but then in the evening, it will be back to snow again.

Yana Paskova / Getty Images

We are all hoping that we miss this next round tonight but you know as well as I do, the weather does what it wants to. It does look like we will get quite a bit of rain Thursday morning as well. Just make sure you're prepared if you do have to leave the house and make sure you're stocked up on de-icer if you need to go somewhere faster than the old ice scraper will allow.