In the last year we've been hit hard by food recalls, from beef to Romaine lettuce, chicken and salmonella scares. Once again we're hit with another massive food recall today from the chicken giant Tyson Foods. According to, Tyson just recalled almost 200,000 pounds of their pre-cooked chicken fritters.

Besides just going to grocery stores around the United States, these ready to eat fritters are used in schools and institutions all over the place. This time it's not a Salmonella scare though. The USDA says that the fritters could be contaminated with small pieces of hard plastic. I mean really, is it safe to eat anything anymore? I only see trends like this getting bigger and bigger.

Big companies need to re-think the way they manufacture and package the food products they sell. I remember a few years ago, a story in the news about the horrible Listeria scare that pretty much ruined the reputation of Blue Bell ice cream and a number of people's lives. Just beware and check your freezer to make sure you don't have them coming up on your menu.

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