This unique Illinois festival features hearses, taxidermy, horror, oddities, live bands, food, and booze.

What Month Is It, Doesn't Seem Like June

If I didn't already know and someone asked me what season we were in. I would guess fall. I think we've had more rainy and chilly days than sunny and warm ones. It definitely doesn't feel like June. Then I saw a festival coming up this weekend that seems more appropriate in October.

The Annual Illinois Hearse And Oddities Festival Is Not Your Typical Summer Fest

Honestly, I have absolutely no problem celebrating Halloween-type events in June. The weather is usually much better. This sounds like a good time. It's the 9th Annual Hearse Show and Oddities Festival. Some of the activities will include a Hearse Show. Yep, The vehicles that are used for funerals.

Creepy Oddities...



Live music...

Beer and food...

Details For Hearse Show And Oddities Fest

The festival is this Saturday, June 11th starting at 2 pm. There is an after-party inside that kicks off at 8 pm. The Brauer House (1000 North Rohlwing Road in Lombard) is the host. Tickets are on sale now, HERE. The cost is $6 for just the festival and $10 for the after-party. It's a 21 and older event. Live music from Billy Idol tribute band, Idolator, and Black Sabbath tribute band, Masters Of Reality. For more info, HERE.

Festival In Brain Child Of Hardcore Hearse Club

Did you know there is a hearse club in Illinois? They are enthusiasts of the unique vehicles and love to share their passion with others.

According to,

After many years of having friends with hearses and no deserving club to call our own, we decided that it would be fun to have an official club for real hearse enthusiasts to showcase our love of all things hearse related.


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