We are officially in the part of the year when I really miss the beauty and bustle of the holiday season. Seeing outdoor Christmas decorations still up in people's yards sometimes feels like salt in my missing-the-holidays wound, and I long for the days of laying on the couch watching holiday movies.

If you drove through Oregon, IL anytime last week or over the weekend, you might have noticed a lot of activity and Christmas lights all ablaze at Pinehill Inn Bed & Breakfast on Mix Street.  No, the B&B's owners aren't lazy or refusing to take down their holiday decorations, they were busy entertaining the crew and cast of an upcoming Christmas movie that was filming there!


Pinehill Inn's post doesn't state what network the movie was being filmed for, but with the title of 'Lacy's Christmas Do-Over', I can't help but feel like it has Hallmark Channel written all over it.

Oregon Mayor, and Pinehill Inn's owner Ken Williams, recently told mystateline.com;

It’s one of those Christmas romance movies where boy meets girl, wind up kissing under the mistletoe, but they find each other at a B and B

Williams also said that movie is using the town and B&B's real name in the script, so once it premieres it could really encourage people to visit Oregon, which is a financial boost the area really needs right now.

Hopefully, we will hear more details soon on when and where we watch 'Lacy's Christmas Do-Over' when it finally premieres!


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