As Sophia so eloquently stated above, WTF Millstadt?

This popped up on Twitter yesterday. I think I literally gasped. That's a package of Gummy Bear brats from Schubert's in Millstadt, Illinois.

Haven't heard of Millstadt? Neither had I. But before I tell you where it is, let's do a mental exercise. What part of Illinois is known for their poor taste in food?

Joe Dredge

Did you say St. Louis?

Joe Dredge

Do you have any idea what food St. Louis is famous for? Hey Google.

Joe Dredge

Gooey Butter Cake? Sounds delightfully Midwestern.

I've never had one but I'm pretty sure that's just a flavorless lemon bar. Like the post says, it's just sugar and butter, with some more sugar on top. I'm sure they're good, but that should not be your signature food.

Don't get me started on "St. Louis" pizza.


It some how has no substance while also exuding a seemingly impossible amount of grease.

Back to the Gummy Bear brats.

I went over to Schubert's website and the place actually looks pretty awesome. The place has been around for 30 years and looks very authentic. A very Longwood Meats vibe to it.

A Schubert's specialty is processing deer. They'll skin your deer for 30 bucks (pun intended) and "shoulder mount" your deer for 50.

I went looking for the gummy bear brats on the site so see if it's real and it's right there on the website.

Joe Dredge

There's actually a nice selection of brats on there. I'm not sure what the Nuremberger (possibly problematic) brat is, but I'd probably give it a try.

There's an even more intriguing item on their menu though. Their Lil' Smokies selection.

Joe Dredge

What are blue cheese Lil' Smokies? Are they stuffed? I have a lot of questions.

Well played Schubert's I came for the gummy bear brats, I'll definitely stay for the novelty Lil' Smokies.

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