Your tax dollars have been used by the City of Rockford to purchase a camera mounted drone.

WREX TV reports that City of Rockford's Public Works department has been operating the drone for about a month and is supposed to make things easier for city employees. The drone cost about $1000.00 and come from the city's engineering budget.

The drone is used to quickly get a glance from above and is expected to speed up necessary repairs.

Tim Hanson, with the city's Public Works department told WREX

"If we have issues with our storm water infrastructure, if we have a problem with our creek or dam system, we have three dams in Rockford, this will assist us to make sure that if we have any issues we can address them right away,"

The new tool is also supposed to make work a little easier for employees. Crews will no longer have to walk in creeks, tree and brush. Also the city will also be able to get an aerial view of street projects

The drone has the ability to go up 400 feet.

The drone cost approximately a thousand dollars. The money came from the taxpayer funded Public Works engineering budget.