If you're looking for winter fun and family-friendly amenities, there are a few midwestern communities that top the list of a new survey of best Winter Holiday getaways, including one just over the border in Wisconsin.

In the study, Best Places and Rocket Homes took data showing average snowfall, winter recreation resources nearby, family-friendly amenities, number of vacation homes in the community, and crime rate.

No trips to Florida or Hawaii for the family to enjoy warm weather and beaches, this is about enjoying the season for what it is in the best communities for winter vacations.

According to the data, here are the top locations in the midwest to take the family for a Winter Holiday Getaway:

  1. Duluth, Minnesota
  2. Madison, Wisconsin
  3. Dubuque, Iowa

Just over an hour to Madison from Rockford, Illinois, and Dubuque is under 2 hours away, so if you're planning that trip to Madison, here's some of what the data showed according to Rocket Homes:

During the day, families can choose from 10 sledding hills or glide across 4,000 square feet of ice at the Edgewater Ice Rink. At night, they can take in holiday lights in Olin Park or Henry Vilas Zoo or snowshoe by candlelight at the Aldo Leopold Nature Center later in the winter season.

If you're wanting to take the family west on a winter holiday vacation, these are the 3 favorites from the data:

  1. Wenatchee, Washington
  2. Logan, Utah
  3. Boulder, Colorado

Here's what to know if you go to Wenatchee for a winter holiday:

The holiday season is one of the best times to spot a bald eagle in the wild and the only time to spot a scuba diving Santa at the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium

CLICK HERE to get more details about all the communities and where they ranked.

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