Okay, here's the scenario, you are hosting a party, the night is still young and the worst think happens...You run out of alcohol. You're too buzzed to drive and so are your guests, but the night is still young. You need to restock, quickly!

Problem solved! You calmly inform your fellow party goers, the situation is under control as you have a new batch of spirits DELIVERED! Yes, I said delivered!

A Los Angeles based start-up company that goes by the name of Saucey, does just that! The company was launched in May and is gaining lots of interest. People have referred to it as the “Uber of alcohol delivery,” because of it's similarity to the popular driving application.

Photo: courtesy of Saucey

Bloomberg Business reports that to use this service you will need a valid ID, showing that you are of legal drinking age. The Saucey driver will hit up the local liquor store and purchase all your alcohol and tobacco needs in approximately 20 minutes.

Unfortunately, at this time, Saucey is only available in the Los Angeles area, but it’s looking to expand.