British actor Bob Hoskins, whose acting career ranged from noir drama "Mona Lisa" to animated fantasy "Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, has died aged 71 in a hospital after a bout of pneumonia.

Hoskins appeared in some of the most acclaimed British films of the past few decades, including gangster classic "The Long Good Friday."


He starred as an ex-con who chaperones Cathy Tyson's escort in Neil Jordan's 1986 film "Mona Lisa." Hoskins was nominated for a best-actor Academy Award for his role.

But his Hollywood breakthrough came as a detective investigating cartoon crime in the part-animated 1988 hit "Who Framed Roger Rabbit." He also played the pirate Smee in Steven Spielberg's 1991 Peter Pan movie "Hook."

Hoskins announced in 2012 that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and was retiring from acting.

The last time we saw him on the screen was in his role as one of the seven dwarves in "Snow White & The Huntsman," starring Kristen Stewart.