Pizza is a super popular food.  East to west and north to south you can find pizza basically anywhere, but there's one type of pizza that originated here in Illinois back in 1943 at a little place called Pizzeria Uno in Chicago.

Behold, The mighty Deep dish pizza. Not for the faint of heart, this stuffed behemoth is filled with melty mozzarella, two layers of crust, mounds of meat and don't forget about the signature sauce that graces the top. This is the recession proof pizza that one person could eat for a week. This was my first time trying one and I have to say it was really delicious

deep dish pizza

I love pizza but I've never had it quite like this. My first deep dish came from Giordano's but I know it's a chain restaurant. I want to hear from you, What's your absolute favorite place to get a deep dish? Is it a local spot? a Place in Chicago? I need to know because this pizza train is not stopping anytime soon. Where should I try it next?

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