I loved seeing and hearing all the tributes honoring our nation's brave veterans this week in honor of Veteran's day. Very moving, and it amazes me how many people's lives and families have made sacrifices for our country.

Sacrifices like missing the birth of your child.

Sgt. John Vorrath, a soldier deployed to the Middle East, had come to terms with the fact that he would only be able to witness the birth of his daughter via Facetime, and wouldn't be able to physically meet her until she was 6 months old.

As he sat on the internet and watched his daughter being born his commander handed him an envelope. He was granted leave. He kept it a secret, and immediately boarded a plane for Iowa. Then this happened...



O.M.G. the goosebumps. Thank you Veterans for each daily sacrifice to ensure we are safe and free. I thank God for you.

One last thing, I took Ella to honor a very special vet yesterday, her Great-Grandpa Ron. She has his beautiful blue eyes, and I know that he would be so proud. Miss you everyday, Grandpa.