Downtown Rockford is missing two important necessities, a hotel, and a gas station. We already know a hotel in the works, but it looks like a gas station isn't far behind.

At the Gas Station
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There really isn't a convenient gas station for downtowners or tourists that are nearby. Sure, you can drive a few minutes in any direction and you will eventually find a place to fill up, but why not downtown. Finally, this might all change.

The wheels are turning and Kelley Williamson is inching towards getting an actual gas station in downtown. Rockford's Zoning Board gave a thumbs-up after reviewing the plans. According to Rock River Times,

KW’s proposal calls for a 14-pump full-service gas station and convenience store on Jefferson Street, between 2nd and 3rd streets.

Proposed Downtown Gas Station
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Although the full service gas station will have 14 pumps and a car wash, not all plans have been approved. RRT doesn't seem to be slowing down the process as will the plans will forward in the city's approval process.

The proposal now moves on to Codes and Regulations Monday before heading to the city council for final approval on Aug. 7.

Once the KW Mobile is up and running all downtown will need is a legit grocery store and it'll attract even more future residents.

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