I will admit it. I am a woman obsessed with retro fashion thanks to the Totally Retro Prom that is now about 2 weeks away.

Mikkel William Nielsen, ThinkStock

I have my prom outfit pretty much picked out now, but yesterday my husband told me to "pick out whatever I want" for his. The only stipulation he stated was: "don't spend a S*%t load of money on it." Blah, blah, blah. All I heard was, " I will wear whatever you pick out honey." Oh lord, is he in for it now.

While researching  inspiration for men's 80's fashion I came across this list: 80 greatest 80's fashion trends.

At first I thought, "Dang! 80 trends? I thought the 80's were just about big hair, neon colors, and tight rolled jeans." Then I perused the list and went for a stroll down memory lane. It seems like just yesterday that I was rockin' those sweet, sweet Reebok hightops with my Esprit sweatshirt, Z Cavaricci jeans, and Swatch watch.

The list also scared me when I thought about some of these trends that are making a comeback: Leggings, 4 finger rings, huge earrings, down vests, which are all ok, but these are not: parachute pants. (which are now called drop bottom pants) Let me go on the record right now saying I WILL NEVER WEAR DROP BOTTOM/PARACHUTE PANTS EVER AGAIN! I do not care how cool they are. Maybe they should just call them what they are, pants that make you look like you took a huge load in your pants. No, thank you.

See you at the prom at Giovanni's on May 30th, this is gonna be like, totally tubular! (I have also been researching 80's slang. ) LOL!