Dressing for Halloween is fun but wearing these costumes could be problematic.

There are some costumes that are inappropriate and some that are just plain wrong. Add the following costume ideas to the "wrong" list for what to wear at work. Actually, because everyone has a camera at hand, it would be best to skip these ideas altogether.

Goodhousekeeping.com put together a list of costume ideas to avoid. Here are the seven most "don't do that" costume ideas.

1. Anything "blackface" or any color related to race/skin color. Avatar, Oompa Loompas, and Smurfs are fine.

2. Refugees are not good group costumes. Real life struggles (in this case) are way too sensitive.

3.  Because of the unfortunate upswing over the past few years, don't dress as a Holocaust survivor/victim.

4. A Terrorist - it's not funny.

5. Neither is body-shaming or gender-shaming. Surely we can find another way to coming up with a humorous costume without mocking something that is uncontrollable for others?

6. Anything related to The People vs. O.J. Simpson. Whatever happened involved real people and real murder.

7. Sexist or costumes that could be considered sexual harassment. These are usually worn by someone that isn't funny and not invited to gatherings outside of a bar because they don't have a filter.

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