It's been a long school year for Rockford high school students. Before we send them off for summer, let's admire some of their best YouTube videos.

1. MTV Cribs at East High School

Meet Kyrum Smith. He wants to give a tour of his crib high school. The tour includes an inside look at the bathroom and an explanation of which toilet Smith uses each day of the week.

2. The Punks Of Prose at Guilford High School

This is what happens when you listen to too much Red Hot Chili Peppers during history class. The Punks of Prose are here to do some sweet high kicks and drop some serious Roman Empire knowledge on you. Video cameras have come a long way since 1997.

3. Harlem High School Talent Show

These Harlem High School students aren't messing around during this dance number in 2011. The opening graphics are pretty cool too.

4. Karate Lesson With Boylan Student

We're making an exception to include this video on the list. It doesn't take place at Boylan Catholic High School, but it does include a Boylan student. You got a problem with that? He'll kick your head off your shoulders.

5. Gagnam Style at Auburn High School

Students in the Creative and Performing Arts Program at Auburn High School needed a gorilla, stick horses, mannequin legs, silly string, sombreros and more to put together their parody of Psy's "Gangnam Style" in 2003.