You've been singing along to Brett Eldridge's "Lose My Mind" on Q98.5 and just can't wait for more. His new CD is called "Illinois" and will be released on Sept 11th.

Illinois is home to Brett. He was born is Paris, Illinois which is in the east central part of our state near the Indiana border.

Brett recently sat down with Rolling Stone magazine and revealed some interesting things about his new album.

  • Brett has been known to use office supplies as instruments. He has in the past been known to grab a stapler from his desk and and use it for percussion.
  • Taylor Swift influenced his style of songwriting and Brett wrote every song on the Album. Don't worry, you won't find Brett doing his own rendition of "shake it off"
  • He unleashed his inner Ray Charles on "Lose My Mind", the LP's first single. Brett tells Rolling Stone that he wanted to show his more soulful side on the entire album.
  • The entire album "Illinois" was written in Illinois. Brett drove around rural Illinois for inspiration for the songs.
  • New music is tough on his tour wardrobe. Eldridge tells Rolling Stone: 'I feed off high energy and by the end of the song I'm already sweating."

Read More about Brett's new album HERE

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