If you're a Country Thunder newbie, please allow me a moment to give you some advice on how to survive your first CT experience and have a lot of fun while you're there.

First off, there are a few MUST have things to bring with you, even if you aren't camping all four days in Twin Lakes.

  1. Sunscreen and Bug Spray
  2. Rain boots (for mud)
  3. Tylenol and Allergy Medicine
  4. Hat (at some point your hair WILL be a hot mess)

Now that you have your list of Country Thunder must-haves, you gotta have a list of things NOT TO DO as well. These things are VERY important, and surprisingly all involve the consequences of partying a little too hard.

Don't get so drunk that you think sticking your head in a tailpipe is a good idea like this teen did recently at the Winstock Country Music Festival in Minnesota.


Don't get so drunk that you pass out and force your friends to mess with you.

Don't think playing lawn darts is a good idea after several shots and beers have been consumed.



Don't trust anything you friends tell you when you're drunk.

And, please, do not get so drunk that you mistake vodka for water.



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