A new year is upon us soon, and with that new laws. There are several new laws that start January 1, 2020 in the state of Illinois, everything from increased traffic fines and an increase in minimum wage.


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    Recreational Marijuana

    Starting in the new year, you will be able to buy and smoke marijuana in Illinois. According too wttw.com, you will not be able to smoke in public, such as bars or restaurants. To learn more click here.

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    Minimum Wage

    Minimum wage will increase twice in 2020. The first comes on January 1, and will increase to $9.25, and on July 1 it will go up to $10. The minimum wage increase will go up every year until 2025 when it reaches $15.

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    License Plate Fees

    Currently to register your car in Illinois it cost you $101, next year that will increase to $151. The charge for electric vehicles is going up to $248 per year from $35 for two years.

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    Trade-In Vehicle Tax

    Starting in 2020, the trade in value on sales tax on a car purchase (which is exempt right now), will be capped at $10,000. According to the Chicago Tribune,

    if you traded in a $12,000 car toward a $20,000 purchase in 2019, you would have paid sales tax on the $8,000 difference. Starting in 2020, you’ll pay taxes on $10,000.

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    Higher Driving Fines

    Better not get pulled over in 2020, fines are going up. If you pass a school bus when it has it's stop lights on you will be fined $300 (that is up from $150), for your second offense it doubles from $500 to $1,000. Fines for not slowing down for emergency vehicles are going up too, according to the Chicago Tribune,

    The fine for a first violation of the law is going up to $250 from $100. Subsequent violations now carry a minimum fine of $750. Violators also will be charged an additional $250 fee to fund education and enforcement of the law.

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