I will never buy candy bars the same way again, unless this changes (and you shouldn't either).

So, today I was shopping a very busy store in DeKalb and was waiting to check out. I get in line at the register, which is about three customers deep and right in front of me I see a woman with a three year old child, who is not seated in her cart. The child is behind her cart, right in front of me.

Throughout the checkout process, the child, kept reaching for candy bars that were 'conveniently' placed at a spot where any three-year-old could easily grab one. The kid placed the fully wrapped Kit Kat candy bar in his mouth for a about 20 seconds before mom noticed. After mom noticed, she took the candy bar out of his mouth and PUT IT BACK on the shelf. Yuk!  A minute later, the kid did it again, this time with a Hershey bar. Same deal, mom took the bar out of the kids mouth, and put it back on the shelf. A minute later the kid did it again. This time I had to point out to mom that the kid had another candy bar in his mouth. The mom thanked me for letting her know, but once again mom put the candy bar back on the shelf, then finally placed the kid in her cart

Now, I'm not a germ-a-phobe, but this was gross.  This tells me that if you buy a candy bar at a store, where the candy bars are placed at kid level, you might be buying more that you bargained for.

So here are my new candy bar rules that we all must live by:

  • Never buy a candy bar that is sold in a store where the item is sold at adult waist level or below
  • Never take a candy bar from the FRONT of a candy bar display
  • Look for small bite size holes in the packaging.
  • Parents, if your child puts a candy bar in his or her mouth, you must buy it!
  • If you don't want to buy the candy bar your kid put in his mouth, bring to to the clerk and tell them to discard it.

When I'm king, these new rules will be enforced, but until then, much cautiiusly.

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