Daniel Hurst, Thinkstock[/caption]There are so many great elementary schools in Rockford, but according to one website, these are the top five. 

Being part of 97ZOK means every few weeks I get the chance to visit one of our nearby schools to deliver the Teacher of the Week surprise. In addition to celebrating the teacher's awesomeness, it also gives me a chance to see the schools in Rockford. It's amazing to see how school has changed since I was a kid.

One thing that hasn't changed is the importance of awesome teachers and principals to get the school moving in the right direction. We have so many great schools in Rockford, but these five stand above the rest on the site, GreatSchools.org.

GreatSchools.org, measures test scores and student academic growth to come up with their GreatSchools ratings, and also takes user submitted reviews to develop their standings.

Here are their top 5 rated elementary schools in Rockford according to GreatSchools.

1. Washington Gifted School, GreatSchools rating - 10.

This school has changed my life. With out it i wouldn't be challenged enough, and would simply be bored with school, probably leading me to do reckless, dangerous things. Washington is a great school, the teachers push you to the limit and always are open to one-on-one time with the kids. Love it!" - community member review

2. Thurgood Marshall School, GreatSchools rating - 10.

Mr. Watts is bae. You should attend Marshall just because he teaches there. Seriously, he is the best teacher I have ever had." - community member review

3. Brookview Elementary School, GreatSchools rating - 6.

I have two children that attend Brookview, one in first and one in second. The teacher leadership and commitment to each and every child learning is truly remarkable. Brookview school holds the highest standards that every school should use for the truest example on the way a school should be run. One of the toughest choices a parent has to make is selecting where their child will begin his/her academic career. I can say with honesty, choosing Brookview for my children is the best choice I have ever made. The principal and every teacher in Brookview is a great example of how education should be conducted." - a parent review

4. Gregory Elementary School, GreatSchools rating - 6.

Gregory Elementary has been a great learning environment for my two kids for the last 7 years. The teaching staff has always been caring and professional and the administration has always been fair, in control and very involved. As my kids move forward in life, my wife and I will always attribute a portion of their future successes to the Teachers and staff at Gregory Elementary." - a parent review

5. Arthur Froberg Elementary School, GreatSchools rating - 6.

Mrs. Ulferts became the Principal of Froberg in 2012 and has really made this an excellent school. Her staff are student focused, and really do whatever it takes to see each and every student succeed. Mrs. Ulferts is very accessible, and the kids love her." - a community member review

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