The holiday season is upon us with sweets and comfort food. I like to say gaining a little holiday "fluff" is mandatory. With all these extra dense foods around during holidays are a few low cal coffee hacks you need to try.

I've been on the lookout for ways to cut calories and not taste with my coffee, that is when I discovered Brittany Dawn Fitness. Brittany is a vlogger who is known for her healthy versions of your favorite coffee drinks, here are three of my favorites.

1.  Start with a Medium Iced Americano - Unsweetened

- 3 Packets of Stevia -2 Pumps of SF Vanilla - 2 Pumps of SF Mocha.

... It tastes like chocolate and it is only 12 calories... MIND BLOWN!

2. Ask for a Large Iced Coffee - Blended - Nothing in it.

..... Feels like your drinking a blended drink but has nothing, notta, zip calories. This is not a sweet drink, for those black coffee drinkers only.

3. Start with a Medium Hot Americano add almond milk 

 - 2 pumps of white mocha syrup - add stevia to taste

.....Make it the Peppermint White Mocha for some holiday cheer.

These hacks can work at any coffee shop. Next time you get your coffee fix apologize to your barista for a complicated order and give one a try.




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