Sounds attractive, eh? Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, the second richest person in the world, is suggesting that people work a three-day work week. The catch: He would require 11-hour work days and workers to stay on the job until age 70 or 75.

The Financial Times reported that in a speech at a conference in Paraguay, Mr Slim suggested a huge change in the average five-day work week.

People are going to have to work for more years, until they are 70 or 75, and just work three days a week — perhaps 11 hours a day. With three work days a week, we would have more time to relax; for quality of life

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A bit of history: Here in the U.S. the 40-hour, five-day work week became the standard in 1938. But, while the 40-hour, five-day weeks is most common arrangement for full-time U.S. workers, 29% of employers offer their employees the option of a shorter work week as some employers allow full-time employees to work longer days for part of the week or pay period in exchange for shorter days or a day off each week or pay period.

Would you trade your five day work week for a 3-day week?

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