The Illinois Department of Health has confirmed that their are now 243 cases of Cyclospora in Illinois.

WIFR shares that food borne illnesses are on the rise with in our state. Cyclospora is the main culprit.

"Cyclospora is a microscopic parasite. You can't really see it", but it's powerful.

It's contracted by eating fruits and veggies that still have dirt on them. Cyclospora is found in the dirt.

Symptoms include "a low-grade fever, some kind of body ache, you just don't feel good, then some kind of stomach ache, stomach cramp, and then diarrhea."

They best way to avoid catching it is to make sure your thoroughly scrub your fruits and veggies and to use different cutting boards when slicing veggies and cutting meat.

Of the 243 cases they say that 92 of them came from eating McDonald's salads.


It almost makes you afraid to eat anything that you yourself didn't grow anymore.




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