So we've heard a lot about the sexual misconduct allegations against the Catholic church in the last few years, sadly that number is not going down. According to, the law office of Jeff Anderson and Associates PA has released the Anderson Report. The report has a complete list of names of clerics, religious employees, and seminarians that are associated with the Catholic Diocese that have been accused of sexual misconduct.

The list covers the entire state of Illinois. After looking over the report, we found that 22 members of the Rockford Archdiocese have been accused of sexual misconduct with minors. We wouldn't be doing our job if we did not name who is on the list for Rockford. I have children, and most of you do too, so here are the names. All these people have been accused but they are innocent until proven guilty. Here is a link to the entire report.

1. Arias, Alfredo Pedraza

2. Campbell, James D

3. Campobello, Mark A

4. Clapsaddle, Harlan B

5. Considine, Thomas

6. Feely, Theodore W

7. Frazier, Michael

8. Gaynor, James

9. Harte, Al F

10. Heimann, David F

11. Holdren, John C

12. Jablonski, Joseph

13. Joffe, William I

14. Johnson, Walter E

15. Jones, Augustine K

16. Kohler, Peter D

17. Kuhl, Richard

18. Kurz, Michael

19. Lessar, Joseph Marcel

20. Rovira, Ivan M

21. Tully, Joseph J.M

22. Virtue, William D

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