Even if you don't have a little one in your life, these tips will save you money. One will even cure a hangover. Although, I haven't personally tested that one...yet.Since becoming a Mom, I've had to make many adjustments to my daily routine. I know every parent is thinking "DUH" right now, but I am not talking about figuring out how to function successfully on little sleep. I am used to a half zombie state. I'm talking about getting used to spending all of our money on baby stuff, and learning to tolerate having our home cluttered with said baby stuff. I still struggle with the clutter, but I did find some useful tips on how to get more bang for our buck in regards to all that baby stuff. To me, any time you can find dual purposes for something is a win/win.

Lately I have learned that baby wipes are good for so many things, including removing makeup, and that the Gerber Graduate Puffs are a delicious, and extremely low calorie snack. (Blueberry and sweet potato are my favorites.)

It didn't surprise me at all when I found both of those discoveries on this list of 16 baby products that are amazing for adults.

I almost forgot that I have tried the Gripe Water too. Yep, it works for an upset stomach. Plus, it tastes much better than Pepto.

One last thing, here is my latest favorite picture of Ella. At least we are doing something right, and teaching her to appreciate good music.

Shannon Zimmerman, Townsquare Media