I say this time and time again, I am a fan of the nap. Getting up at 3a.m. can be rough some times, especially in the summer when there are so many fun things going on. I am a girl who needs her beauty sleep, and it's not for my appearance. It's for everyone around me. When I am tired, I am cranky, and the world gets ugly fast for those that have to be around me. My family and friends will be thankful that I came across these tips.

13 tips for the best nap ever. <-----Click it. Read it. You will like it.  Who knew a "caffeinated nap" was a good thing? Also, be sure to consult the "nap wheel" contained in the article. It will tell you your best napping time in relation to when you get up in the morning. Maybe you can plan your lunch hour around it? The way I see it, I get up at 3a.m., so I should be napping around 10a.m. Perfect timing.

Sweet dreams, my friends.