I admit it. Through the years, I have given my best friend a few of these 12 bad foods. At the time, I didn't know any better. Now we all know, thanks to Foodbeast.com. Here are 12 deadly foods you should never feed your dog. Foods that are perfectly healthy for humans can be really bad, if not deadly, to your dog. According to Foodbeast.com, here are the 'Dirty Dozen'. These 12 foods should never be fed to your dog.

Franck Prevel Getty Images

1) Chocolate
2) Milk
3) Cheese
4) Onion
5) Macadamia Nuts
6) Garlic
7) Grapes
8) Avocados
9) Apple Cores
10) Bacon (Real bacon)
11) Yeast Dough
12) Caffeine

All dogs react differently to foods. To be safe, be sure to keep these away from your dog.   Since your dog loves you unconditionally, you should do the same.

Now go thru a Frisbee with your dog and have fun.