Are you planning a garage/yard sale soon? Before you waste your time organizing and pricing these items, check this list. Apparently your album of "Cats" belongs in the donation box, and not taking up precious table space at your sale.

I  must admit that the whole garage sale excitement thing used to be lost on me. I have just recently began to appreciate the fact that I can get an entire season's wardrobe for Ella with just a 20 in my wallet, and still maybe have change to spare. However, I have not been brave enough yet to have my own sale. I have quite a nice stockpile of stuff sitting in my basement earmarked for the inevitable garage sale, but right now, having all of my wisdom teeth removed sounds more enjoyable than hosting a sale. I'm sure I will change my mind when the basement gets stuffed with Ella's old stuff.

When I came across this article, I realized that some of my "saving for a garage sale" stuff needs to be cleaned out. I cannot believe that no one would want my half used bottles of old lotion. Sad but true, read it for yourself:  11 things no one will buy at your garage sale.

From your experience, are there any items you would add to this list?

Also, anyone having a garage sale with baby girl clothes this weekend? Leave the info in the comment section below, please.