I think all ladies would agree that an awesome night out involves gossip, laughter, wine and your girlfriends. Sure, it's fun to hang out with our better halves too, but some things just aren't the same without your girls.As I get older, what qualifies as "an awesome night out" changes all the time. When I was younger it was going to the bars with a huge group of friends and getting rowdy. In fact, if I happened to be sitting home on a weekend night I would get sad. These days, it's like pulling teeth to get me away from a night at home hanging with my husband and daughter. Two things guaranteed to get me out of the house though is a country concert, and a "girls night out."

Need inspiration for your next girls night? Check out these 11 dates that are better with your girlfriends.

I do need to add a twelfth item to the list though...The Pink Party coming up Friday, October 24 at Prosser's Chophouse on Forest Hills in Machesney Park. There will be music, shopping, wine tasting, and even a live bra auction featuring local firemen models! <insert wolf whistle here> Get your tickets now, and get ready for some fun!