If this was a law in Rockford, would your kid be brave enough to stand up in front of a judge, city council or town board and demand this 100-year law changed?

Throwing snow is such a huge part of Winter so it is really hard for me to comprehend that a town had a 100-year ban on anyone throwing snowballs.  It was a real law though, in Severance, CO for 100 years and one brave 9-year-old decided it was time to change this law.

9-year-old Dane West was that brave kid.  He asked his friends, got letters, and stood in front of the town board of Severance, CO to ask for this 100-year-law to be lifted.  ABC News shared a video of the plea to the Severance, CO town board and also...the first legal snowball that was thrown in the town in 100 years.

What a brave kid!  I'm sure that there are a lot of kids and families that are enjoying winter just a little bit more because of his courage.

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