History was not my thing in school. Unless the subject had to do with the Civil War or the Victorian Era, I was daydreaming instead of paying attention to what the teacher was saying. Terrible, I know, but I just couldn't force myself to pay attention, so it's no surprise that these 10 facts about Illinois are all news to me. How about you?

How many of these 10 things about Illinois from onlyinyourstate.com do you remember from school? I'm guessing the number is gonna be pretty low, but we shall see...

  1. Chicago is often called "The Windy City", but it's name actually derives from a word meaning "wild onions".
  2. Springfield was not the original capital of Illinois, it was actually Kaskaskia.
  3. Illinois was the first state to ratify the 13th amendment which abolished slavery.
  4. Illinois is the state that produces the most nuclear energy in the nation.
  5. Aurora was the first city in the country to use all electric lighting, hence earning them the name "city of lights".
  6. Abraham Lincoln's first public office was as postmaster of New Salem, Illinois.
  7. In 1885 the world's first skyscraper was built in Chicago.
  8. Collinsville, Illinois was home to one of the most sophisticated pre-Columbian colonies in the world, called Cahokia Mounds.
  9. Des Plaines, Illinois was home to the very first McDonalds.
  10. The highest number of Civil War deaths happened at a prison camp located in Rock Island, Illinois.

So, how did you do? Are you an Illinois history genius, or without a clue like me? Personally, I feel smarter already.