Protect your skin from becoming extra crispy this summer with KFC's sunscreen.  Oh but there's one thing I should warn you about, your skin will smell extra crispy.

No I'm not kidding about this. Check it out.


Haha! That is so funny. It's a real product to. The company created to help promote their extra crispy fried chicken.

They even created a website. Click here.

Unfortunately, if you wanted to get a hold of this novelty product, you're out of luck. They sold out of their limited supply of Extra Crispy SPF 30 Sunscreen. ABC7, the company had 3,000 bottles to give away and in a matter of a few hours hitting the website they were completely sold out. WOW!

It would have been interesting to get it for the novelty sake, but honestly I wouldn't enjoy smelling like fried chicken. Gross.

It conjures up memories of my first part-time job. I worked in a restaurant known for their fried chicken in Rochelle, you may have heard of it,  the Country School. No matter what I did I always smelled like fried chicken working there. I lost a lot of weight smelling that greasy chicken all the time. I craved salad and veggies all the time.

Hmmm... you know maybe that sunscreen would be a great weight loss product. Hmm, I never thought of that. Darn, now I'll never know because they're fresh out.