An obviously well-loved teddy bear was recently left behind at Kalahari Resorts in Wisconsin Dells, and the resort is causing quite the stir online to find the bear's owner.

As a former child who cherished her stuffed animals, and as the mother of a child who is in love with her stuffies too, I LOVE Kalahari Resorts for doing this.

I'm not kidding you when I say the world would stop for my Ella if she were to lose one of her beloved ponies or 50 doggies. It may seem so trivial to most people, but Kalahari gets how important a teddy bear is to a child. They are making sure they do everything possible to get the bear home, and that it has a little fun on its "vacation".

Ready for my absolute favorite part of this story? Kalahari got word that this may be a Build A Bear, so they took it to their nearest workshop to see if they could find the every important tag. It took a little minor surgery, but they got it done.


As of last check, the bear has still not been claimed, but Kalahari will not rest until he is home safe and sound. If you know anything about this bear's family, please email the resort at

The only question I have with this story is how the heck the parents have not called to check with the resort about this missing bear yet? It is obviously well loved by a child who must be devastated it is lost. I know Ella would not let me rest until I found it if it was hers. She seriously cried for 20 minutes until I glued the head back on her Cinderella candy dispenser the other day. I don't know how we would survive a traumatic loss like this.