Coming on the heels of the Penguins Stanley Cup win, the question is already out there: Who's favored to win the cup in 2017?

Well the odds have been set and the top favored team is......

The Blackhawks!

According to NBC Chicago reporting the odds from Bodog that states that "the Blackhawks have the second-best odds of any team to win the Stanley Cup, with a 10-to-1 chance of winning a fourth title in the last eight seasons. Their number only trails one team, and that’s the current champion Pittsburgh Penguins, who have an 8-to-1 shot of repeating next season according to the website."

Now that is really good news for us Hawks fans! I mean we were so close this year. It was hard to take their elimination in playoffs against the Blues.

According to Bodog the odd sheets predicts the following for the Stanely Cup Win in 2017:

Blackhawks with 10 to 1 odds

Penguins with a repeat win at 8 to 1

Washington Capitols at 10 to 1

St. Louis Blues with 12-to-1

AND a three-way tie for fifth between:Tampa Bay Lightning, Los Angeles Kings, and San Jose Sharks at 14-to-1 odds.

So honestly, we really can say wait til next year. It's going to be exciting to see! I can't wait!

Especially to see this again!

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