The Rockford River District thinks the Fordham Dam is a perfect place for a white water rafting park in Rockford.

However, plans for the outdoor sport have come to a halt.

WREX reports that they're are a few obstacles from making this dream a reality in Rockford.

The biggest one is funding for the park. With the state still in a struggle over a budget, money for the water rafting isn't in the cards let alone the city of Rockford helping to pay for the tab of the estimated $1 million.

The other obstacle, is the property.

"Currently [the property] is owned by ComEd. That land comes together in a package with the Fordham Dam," says ComEd External Affairs Manager George Gaulrupp. "We're in hopes the city or consortium would take over that entire area. But the city says it's hesitant. It's concerned about maintenance and liability."

However, the River District is hopeful that even if this take a couple of years they are confident this can happen.

If you're interested in helping out with this project the River District welcomes your support. Click here for more details about the River District and how you can help.

Wow! I think that's pretty cool. What do think? Should a white water rafting park come to the downtown in Rockford?

It would further develop the area and bring more people into the city. Which means generating tourism dollars and bringing more business for the vendors downtown.

Hmmm... well it's definitely something to think about now isn't it?