Did you know that there's a proper way to fly the "W" flag?

Here's what you need to know about the Cubs winning flag.

Apparently, according to this article from DNA Info, there are rules and etiquette to follow when flying the "W". We are not to hoist it up and let it stay up 24/7. Really? I didn't know that mattered. Did you?

Well it does matter. We should follow what they do at Wrigley Field. When the Cubs win at home the "W" is raised above the center field scoreboard and is to remain up until the next mornings commute time. Also, the "W" is never flown when the Cubs win away games. Oh OK, that's good to know.

Also, did you know that every time the  "W" is raised it's not the same flag? It isn't. In fact, "the team keeps a large number of W flags on hand, and a new one is used for each victory."

Huh! I had no idea. I assumed it was the same flag.

Oh and get this the used flags once they're taken down are put on the Cubs Authentics online auction site for anyone to purchase and the proceeds are then given to the various Cubs charities. Now that's really cool. Click here to see all the things you can buy or bid on.

Now if you're wondering how the whole flying of the "W" flag started it was a way to communicate to the passengers passing by on the "L" (elevated train) of a Cubs win or loss. It began back in 1937 and the tradition continues today.

So now you know a little more than you did before about the beloved Cubs "W" flag.

So let's fly our flags proudly and root for our home team, because afterall we know they are winners. They've proved it so many times through this season. They may have gotten knocked down, but they always get back up and keep fighting, or rather keep swinging.