So you were lucky enough to find a Hatchimal (or win one) and now you've brought it home. Now what do you do? Here are some helpful tips.


Like real eggs, give it some love and care. (Stage 1)

Play with it a little to encourage hatching. Tap it, tilt it, and touch it, but there's no need to forceful. The more you play with the egg, the faster it will hatch. You'll know it's about to hatch when you see rainbow lights.


Soon your the little critter will begin to peck. Pay attention to when it stops. (Stage 2)

Even these little guys get tired and fall asleep. If you notice the pecking has stopped, simply rub the egg and it should wake up.


"Congratulations, it's a _____________!" (Stage 3)

Once your Hatchimal has pecked it's way to this world, give it some cuddles and keep on giving it love. They love being nurtured.


Time flies, soon you'll be sending it off to college, so enjoy new beginnings. (Stage 4+)

Enjoy those early precious moments. Soon it will be learning to walk and talk, and might start telling you "no." Remember those rainbow lights? You'll see them again when your Hatchimal is ready for the next stage.


*Important Note*

Every Hatchimal is different, and so is the hatching process. It can take between 10 and 40 minutes for your pet to hatch.


If you want way more in-depth answers - check out Hatchimal's official FAQs.