Turn up the AC, it's going to be a hot weekend in Rockford.

According to Weather.com, we will be just a few degrees away from breaking an all-time high temperature.

Intellicast says the all-time high for June 11 in the Rockford area was set in 1933 when the thermostats busted all over town at 98 degrees.

It wasn't much better the day before either. On June 10, 1933 an all-time high temp was also set by reaching 98 degrees.


The same could happen this Friday and Saturday. Weather.com says the high temperature for Friday is 94, while on Saturday we could reach 96.

And while temps will rise this weekend, the best part is that the humidity will stay at a manageable level. The forecast states 58% and 54% humidity for Friday and Saturday.

So now that you know it's going to be hot this weekend, what are you going to do? Stay in or get out and enjoy the weather?