A rear dash cam video caught the moment a semi truck traveling at full speed on the highway plowed into as many as six vehicles in a matter of two seconds.

This video is very hard to watch.

CAUTION: Viewer Discretion is advised

The incident happened on I-94 near Gurnee,.  It appears as if the semi truck driver was either not paying attention or was not aware there were as many as seven vehicles in front of him. The vehicles he hit were sharing his lane directly in front of him.

The vehicles that were hit were either at a stand still or traveling at a very low rate of speed on the highway.

It is unknown if the driver of the semi truck had a medical condition that may have caused this or if he or she simply was distracted.

The Chicago Tribune reports that eight people were injured and that The Illinois State Police are in the process of investigating the crash.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that no one died in this tragic incident and prayers go out to and all those involved and to those who sustained injuries.

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