Not every store's return or exchange policy is created equal. In fact, some are just plain bad.

This holiday season, no matter how much thought you put into that 'perfect gift' you can count on the fact that you are destined to buy a gift that someone will want to return.

As always, you want to make sure you understand the store's return policy before making that purchase as some are better than others. MSNMoney did the research and compiled the worst of the worst when it comes to returns.

Here are the Top 5 Worst Rated Rockford and Stateline Stores (Based on Return Policies)

1. Forever 21: Forever 21 only allows 21 days for returns, not as long as other retailers. Also, items can only be exchanged for other items or refunded in store credit. No cash. They won't even credit your charge card. MSNMoney says

Items must also be unworn, unwashed and unused with tags still attached. Forever 21 will be extending its return window for the holidays this year, so ask the cashier about this at checkout

2. K-Mart: You have only 30 days to return items. Warning! You better have your store receipt, as store policy states that K-mart will not take back the item without a receipt. However, you can make a return with a gift receipt. However, a gift receipt will only entitle you to store credit. No money back!

Many items will not be eligible for return if their packages are opened — including music, movies, video games and software. Kmart has no plans to offer an extended holiday return window this year.

3. Barnes & Noble: Want to return an item? Yikes! You only have 14 days after purchase to do so. You must have your receipt, but the good news is you can get your money back, If you have a gift receipt, you will get a store credit only. Barnes and Nobles has the shortest time to return an item of any of the retailers who appear on our list

4. GameStop: Kids love video games? They better really love them as GameStop allows only 30 days for returns. Games must returned unopened, otherwise GameStop has the option to refuse the return. You will need your store receipt. No receipt, no return! If you have a gift receipt, you will get a store credit.

GameStop's return policy requires that all items be returned with original packaging and in "sellable condition," and reserves the right to refuse returns of opened items.

5. Sears: No receipt = No return!  If you do have a receipt, you have 30 days to make a return. Gift receipt? You can exchange the items for a Sears gift card. The good news, for the Christmas holiday, you will be able to return items until Jan 24, 2017. If you purchased a Christmas items, like that ugly holiday sweater, forget about returning it after Christmas. The deadline for returns of holiday related items is Dec 24th.

Many Happy returns...or should I say "unhappy returns.'