Without a doubt this past weekend you got your fill of "Go, Cubs Go" after the Cubs clinched the Pennant on Saturday night. The song is probably still stuck in your head. But, that's not the only awesome Cubs song, by any means.

Let's check out the coolest Chicago Cubs songs over the years an a truly unscientific listing and listening of the:


1. Steve Goodman - "Go Cubs Go"

This song is easily the song most people recognize and a song that symbolizes the Cubs. If you have never heard it, be warned, it will never leave your head!


2. Johnny Frigo - “Hey Hey Holy Mackerel"

The song came from a the 1969 album Cub Power. The LP sold an amazing 250,000 copies.

3. Joey Busse - We Don't Suck Anymore"

2016 release. Cubs manager Joe Maddon started teh 2016 season by reminding his players: "Try Not To Suck". This song embodies that message.


4. The Beach Boys - Here Come the Cubs  (1987).

Yes, the Beach Boys, did an amazing cover of Barbara Ann with a definite Cubbie flavor to it. Warning...this one is a ear worm



5. Steve Goodman - "A Dying Cubs Fan Last Request"

Steve Goodman has two songs in the Top 5. This one is a little more mellow than the the other four, but a great story song! The line "doormat of the National League" is a great line is awesome.


After 71 years, the Cubs are not the doormat any more! Go Cubs (in song!)