With the news of being able to fly to Jamaica from Rockford's Airport, I decided to make a list of the top 10 reason to plan a trip to paradise. (I hope my wife reads this.)

  • 10

    Rooms Are Affordable

    According to A Jamaican Experience, lodging is very reasonably priced. Feel free to splurge on other activities on this list

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    The Food

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    Take The Whole Family

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    Shop, Shop, Shop

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    The People

    The people are awesome. Pretty much everyone you will encounter is nice, fun, and positive. Here's proof.

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    The Music

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    Sure, lounging on a beach with a cocktail all day sounds great, but if you're up for adventures - you're in luck. There's plenty of them.

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    Booby Cay Island

    100% real and something you 100% do not want to skip. From what I've read you want to fish, and then enjoy some fresh lobster.

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    The Weather

    The most obvious reason to go to Jamaica is because of the weather. Average temps are around 81 all year round. All. Year. Round.

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    The National Drink Is Booze

    One word: Rum.

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