I can't believe it in two days it's gonna be Country Thunder.

If you've never been and this is you're first time here's a few tips to follow when going.

The Odessy Online outline several tips for novices going to Country Thunder to help you out during your time enjoying 40 different bands in 4 days.

Some are quiet obvious but others are helpful.

1. Don't miss the concerts. Don't be so busy hanging out that you miss any of the concerts on the main stage. Also, you need to go to Electric Thunder (the after dance party under the huge tent) at least one of the nights you're there.

2.  When bringing food for your camp site, the simpler and easier it is to carry and prepare the better. Face it you will be eating a lot of junk in the next four days, there' no real way around it.

3. When camping spend the money for your own port-a-potty. You won't have to make the long trek to the public port-a-potties and you can keep yours under your own controlled clean.

4. Bring comfortable shoes, closed toed are the best. Forget the cute high heeled sandals, you're going to be doing a lot of walking, standing and if it doesn't rain it's going to get really dusty and dirty for you.

5. You can dress as country as you'd like but don't forget some basic essentials like a swimsuit to catch  some rays and some sort of rain gear. The festival goes on rain or shine.

6. Be prepared to drink. Most days the beers crack open at 10am and you can easily become drunk by 2pm.  Always keep a lot of water on hand to because you will get dehydrated not only from the alcohol but this year it's gonna be a steamy one.

7. Keep your phone fully charge. You may need to get one of those booster to keep your phone charged.

8. When camping put some sort of distinct marker on your tent to easily spot it. Those camping lots get really crowded.

9. The best campsites, if they're still available, are in the Miller and Encore locations.

10. It's been said that there are more cops in the General 1 & 2 sites as well as preferred so don't be doing anything stupid, especially underage drinking.

11. Always find a place shower. Face it 4 days with sweaty stinky bodies can be a bit much. If you can't find a shower bring baby wipes and dry shampoo, hey it's better than nothing.

12. Always have your sunglasses hat or bandana and don't forget the sunscreen. You're going to be out in a grass field in the sunshine. You will fry, with  out these items.

13. Make sure you bring some camp or folding chairs and even a portable table for you site.

14. Bring along Advil and tums, because if you're drinking a lot there's nothing worse than being  hungover and no way to remedy it.

15. Take lots and lots of picture. There's so much going on you don' want to miss capturing the memories.

So you got those down? Are you ready for some fun? It opens this Thursday, July21st, and by the way that's Q98.5's night. We hope to see you there!

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