It was a "boo-tiful" day for a Cubs game. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump found out the hard way..Politics and baseball rarely go hand in hand, especially at the friendly confines on Wrigley Field.

Back on opening day April 4, 1994, when Hillarly Clinton was first lady she had the honor of throwing out the first pitch on Clark and Addison Ave.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the Wrigley crowd shouted "boos" when the 'then' first lady was introduced. At the time, the Whitewater controversy was surrounding the Clintons. To make matters worse, there was a plane that flew over Wrigley, behind it was  banner that said "Hillary, U have the right to remain silent" a reference to the Whitewater affair. Check out Hillary's reception.

Donald Trump didn't fare too much better. In 2000 when he threw out the fist pitch and also sang the seventh inning stretch.

Scott Gries / Getty Images

There is no video available of the performance, but according to the Chicago Tribune, Trump was booed for his attempt at singing "Take me out To the ballgame" on July 9, 2000.

The Tribune says:

We hear 'The Donald' practiced for two weeks leading up to his appearance here and was very confident he would bring the house down, which he did in an entirely different way.

You can see a photo HERE.

Trump supporter and former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka said he was "disappointed" by the reaction the Wrigley crowd had to Trump. Really? Didn't Mike Ditka sing one of the worst versions of the song? Let's flashback

Nuff said.