Brews and BBQ, presented by Parsons Collisions Center, is coming up this weekend. There is one important thing that you have to consider: How to keep the brew cold.

Unless you like the taste of warm beer, it is always good to keep it cold. Here are five ways to keep your beer cold when you happen to be outside. 

1. Use Cold Water

If you happen to be around a river or lake, it is very easy to keep the drinks cold. All you need to do is submerge the drinks under water. Make sure that you secure them, otherwise someone else is going to be drinking on your time.

2. Sand

Yes, the stuff you find in the desert can also be a tool in using to cool beer. Here is what you need to do:

"You can use any sort of sand, although fine-grit river sand (as opposed to less dense sand with bigger grains) will insulate best. Fill the bottom inch of the largest pot with sand, then place the smaller pot inside. Carefully fill the space between the two pots until it is completely packed with sand. It's okay if you spill a bit of sand in the bottom of the smaller pot"

3. Burying the beer

What? Why would I want to bury anything so precious? Well, the ground is cooler than anything else outside. Depending on the size of what you are drinking will determine how big the hole will be.

"Dig a hole that's large enough for the beer container. Bury it up to the cap or lid; in general, deeper is cooler. Consider leaving the cap or lid exposed to keep it from getting dirty. If you bury the beers completely, make sure that you don't forget where you left them!"

Remember, a cold beer is a good beer. If you have any other creative ways of keeping the brew cold, let us know.